There may be a time in someone’s life

There may be a time in someone's life


There may be a time in someone’s life that they feel that everything is going in the right direction and suddenly everything changes in a moment of fear.


The Paralympian John Stubbs is the most successful archer Great Britain with a cabinet full of praise, including a Paralympic gold medal in 2008 and four world titles.

However, the 51-year-old has had to overcome a traumatic accident and combat mental health problems. It all started on November 6, 1989 – a date that would be more important later in his shooting career at the Arc de Triomphe.

John Stubbs
Stubbs began participating in archery as a hobby after a life accident in 1989, until it became a career five years later
A rescue call cheating

24, Stubbs was happy with his situation in life while traveling home on his motorcycle from his ideal job as an engineer in the making of his young wife and his newborn in Warrington in Cheshire. But on a cold and dark night, his world was overthrown.

“Someone in a car shook me. I ended up landing on a farmer’s field, not knowing at the time my injuries were serious,” thinks Stubbs.

“The driver was not in. My only thought was to get up and ride a bike, but I could not. I threw the bike along the road and the amount of pain I was in.”

His ordeal was not yet over.

John Stubbs
Stubbs crowned champion with the British Paralympic archery team in 2008 at the Beijing Paralympic Games
“Another car happened to me while I was down. They could not see on the road,” he added. “However, the next person to see me was a doctor.

“It was not a false strike hit for an accident and the ambulance took me on the way to the station.

“If I had expected another ambulance, I would probably have died on the scene.I had to have a blood transfusion 68 p.m. 100 because I had cut the femoral arteries in both legs.”

A cry for help

Stubbs later amputated his right leg and treated his left leg damaged. Months later, while in rehab, Stubbs was lost and did not know how to cope with his situation.

“You are lying in this situation where you have acquired a disability without your fault,” he said.

I feel that my life has passed circle now

John Stubbs
“I felt like a burden on my family. I looked for comfort in the bottle.

“It was then that I felt there was not a single way and that was when I tried to commit suicide.”

Fortunately for Stubbs, a neighbor in question and a close friend Mark Chadwick had followed in a local pond where he had tried to drown.

“My neighbor dragged me,” Stubbs said.

“It was more of a cry for help than anything else. My doctor was informed of this and I have been advising.”

“I realized I had so much more to offer”

Stubbs received treatment at a clinic in Withington, Manchester, where he realized that his situation was better than others in less favorable circumstances.

“That made me a shock treatment, I went in and saw people who would be in the position I was in. It was the kind of place where they count on other things to keep them,” he said.

John Stubbs
Stubbs has not won a medal at the London 2012 Paralympic Games, but returned to the podium four years later in Rio with a silver medal in the mixed team
“It was at that moment that I realized” what do I have to complain about? “It was a reality test for me and I really gave myself emotionally. I realized I had a lot more to offer.”

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