First meeting for Trump and Putin

First meeting for Trump and Putin

First meeting for Trump and Putin: what will the power dynamics reveal?


Hamburg will host one of the strangest events in modern history this week, when Donald Trump and Vladimir Poutine will meet as part of the G-20 summit.

This will be their first meeting as chairmen, but less clear – and reflecting the unusual circumstances surrounding the event and their relationship – is whether this will be their first meeting. In recent years, Trump has claimed to have complied with Putin and “get along,” or have never met.

The dynamics of power between the two leaders will be analyzed the world: one of them is widely seen as contributors to the engineering of the election of the other, which would have been investigated at home for collusion in this business. Trump’s words and body language will undergo a test to detect signs of Putin’s big lever.

Vladimir Poutine
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Putin’s foreign policy advisers had been “questioned” about Moscow’s position on a number of issues to be presented to the United States. Photo: Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images
It is also expected that the Russian leader to push the Moscow shoot on international relations – that the interests of the great powers that takes precedence over the existing order.

For a man given to temperamental outbursts and personal attacks, Trump has always treated Putin’s sovereignty and his admiration for his Russian counterpart was never asked.

Putin was much more cautious. He called Trump “colorful”, as the American took as a compliment, although the Russian word used was double-edged, with positive and negative connotations.

“You can be sure that the Kremlin is prepared for this meeting, both with a thorough analysis and the folder M. Trump itself and the goals that the Kremlin wants to move forward,” said Heather Conley, director of the Center’s European program Of strategic and international studies in Washington DC.


Putin attended the meeting with other benefits. Control of foreign policy and national security is unimpeded, while Trump is a circle. Attempts to free sanctions against Russia as a sweetener to rejuvenate the relationship between Washington and Moscow were blocked while Congress was not only to intensify sanctions but to wrest power from the White House.

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National Security Council (NSC) also reiterated the demand for “results” to use as a bargaining chip with which Trump could find a face-to-face deal for which he married in his years of real estate and reality shows.

Trump wants the meeting with Putin to be a formal affair, but his own advisors have resisted Russia’s head of one of its main objectives: the normalcy and acceptance after the annexation by Russia in 2014 of Crimea and intervention Military in the east of Ukraine.

Amid all this uncertainty, Trump national security adviser Herbert Raymond McMaster said last week that the meeting would be informal and free. “There is no specific agenda. This is really what the president wants to talk about,” McMaster said, adding that the talks would not be “different from our conversations with other countries, really.”

However, the Kremlin has an agenda and despite the words of a spokesman that the Russians’ attempt to adapt “Trump a meeting in the very tight agenda of Putin, considered the meeting as fundamental to redrawing the bilateral relations.

“I was very surprised by the comments of McMaster’s general, both for what appears to be a lack of preparation in the United States for this critical meeting and his comment that the relationship between the United States and Russia is no different from that of Any other country, “said M. Conley.

Maxim Suchkov, a member of the Moscow-based Russian International Affairs Council, said foreign policy experts were invited by the Foreign Ministry in March to “brainstorm” what Moscow should offer and ask for .

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