Archery GB said he received two official complaints

Archery GB said he received two official complaints


Archery GB said he received two official complaints about an incident that forced him to suspend a coach.

The governing body had to hold a press conference Monday on the BBC’s revelation that it made a charge of sexual assault involving a young para-athlete to the police.

However, he said in a statement: “Since our last update, we have received two formal complaints about the incident in recent press articles.

“We had a legal opinion that it would not be appropriate in the light of them to hold a conference call to update the people.”

A former British archery trainer was suspended last week after a complaint to police.

The alleged sexual assault is alleged to have taken place over the past four years as part of an international competition abroad.

The former athlete – who gave his account to the police – told the BBC that he had not developed his original complaint at the time because he felt threatened after the agency’s sports management staff meant he could lose his funding and it would cost him to Coach of his work.

Speaking last week, Archery GB (AGB) said the case had been “investigated and dealt with at the time, to the satisfaction of the alleged victim and [the parents] of the alleged victim.”

However, following a BBC report, AGB said it received a call from the alleged victim, who confirmed contact with police.

“As such, we have suspended the coach until further notice, pending police investigations,” said an AGB statement.


In a statement, the athlete wrote after the incident and was later referred to the governing body staff, said the coach had acted inappropriately and offered his drinks.

In other documents obtained by the BBC, the coach also wrote separately to the athlete and a team manager to apologize for his behavior “totally unacceptable” and “inappropriate.”

However, it was reported then the former team leader that the matter was over after the athlete was asked not to take further action.

The team director, later resigned, explaining at the time of private correspondence that “pressure was put on my silence about this incident and if I remained in my position, the elderly people would not allow me to follow my concerns” .

The athlete has told the BBC: “I did not respond at the time because I was placed in a position where the staff suggested to me that I would not be the one to lose the coach of their job and I was new to the program, and I do not take risks.

“I was worried about the loss of my funds and my position in the program, but this was never the case. I would have thought that I could trust the staff to help me work during this time and not threaten me.

“I was told if I put the complaint, disciplined the coach themselves. It was something they said to try to relieve myself, I think.

“I’m doing what I should do a few years ago and I’m not afraid of them now.”

‘Poorly Managed’

The former chief of staff told the BBC that he believed there had been a “cover-up”, adding: “I think the incident was abused by AGB from the time he has informed them, and the procedures they had in place , Which would normally be applied in such circumstances, was bridged.

“I think the incident was covered with a kind of false loyalty vis-à-vis [the coach in question], but above all, to protect AGB’s personal reputation and the fear of losing money from sponsors. Once they had decided … that they were locked in a spiral of deception that they had to maintain to protect their own positions. ”

Meanwhile, in May, Mark Davies, who became president of AGB after the alleged incident, wrote to staff and athletes to inform them of a “broad research on the culture of their high-performance unit.”

Davies said the independent review was “in the light of a series of question marks … increased in high performance sport in the UK” and invited everyone to comment confidentially on culture, “without fear or favor.” Staff were asked not to talk to the media because “journalists will be too willing to look for angles and stories, and if they did, it would be extremely difficult to have a fair image.”

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